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A.L. Breguet opened the doors of his now legendary watchmaking business in 1775 on the Quai de l'Horloge, Paris. For the next two centuries, the pioneering artistry of his company helped to shape the world timepiece industry. Today, it stands as one of the pillars of both style and innovation in watchmaking.

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Moderators! A new perspective.
After an exchange of information with Boscoe recently regarding a moderators role, I have just recently realized that WTF Moderators play a much larger role than simply rule enforcers. I tend to look at everything from a Law Enforcement type perspective, and have always held a bit of disdain for moderators of message boards. I wrongly viewed them as security guards or watchmen tasked with ferreting out trouble-makers, and breaking up fights. As a policeman I tend to view people who hold this position and are not real cops as a bit laughable. I have just realised that this task is probably one of the lesser used tools at the disposal of a moderator.Moderators have to keep threads flowing, introduce new threads, and new things to discuss. Moderators have to get a general feel for each members personality and guide or respond to them accordingly.I feel a bit silly for having such contempt for them up until now, and let me say personally that I respect and admire the work that each an
SpeedMaster Pro vs SpeedMaster Reduced
So im in the market for a speedmaster. I know many of you don't like the reduced. Here is my thought between the two.I want to wear them either on a nato or on a vintage leather strap.I personally like the reduced size and price as its about $1500 cheaper than the Pro. The only think its lacking imo is the case back with the first watch on the moon. I won't be wearing the watch to often just something to collect as well as to wear once and a while for a change up.Can anyone give me any pros and cons between the two.Thank youBrandon
45mm Planet Ocean Ceramic w/ 8500 movement - WHITE rubber strap??
I have a 45mm Ceramic PO with black rubber strap FOR DEPLOYANT.Like this:I would love an OEM white rubber strap, similar to this: (though that watch is a 42mm)Am I out of luck?
Panerai Pam 111
I have recently bought this watch and cannot help but notice the letting for the word 'Panerai' looks strange, specifically the A and I spacing looks larger than it perhaps should be. I have read online this could be a tell tale sign of a fake! This watch has come with its box and all paperwork, including service papers. Perhaps I am being overly sceptical.Opinions would be appreciated...
Panerai @ SIHH@2014
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