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Intent on producing pocket watches and chronometers of stature, Louis-Ulysse Chopard founded his company in 1860, and the brand has continually turned out masterpieces. Just about a century into its legacy, Chopard was purchased by jewelry entrepreneur Karl Scheufele in 1963. It was his vision to unite his jewelry company with watchmaking under one brand and to propel both areas to greater levels of accomplishment in design and technology. In 1975, Scheufele built a production facility in Meyrin-Geneva, marking a new era for the brand. In 1976, Chopard unveiled the now-famed Happy Diamonds collection to the world, and in the 1980s the brand launched the Gstaad collection of timepieces. In 1988, Chopard teamed with the Mille Miglia as an official partner and began creating the annual special-edition Mille Miglia watch¡ªan icon of vintage automobile racing. In the early 1990s, Karl and Karin Scheufele¡¯s children became integral players in the family business. Caroline took over the jewelry design and Karl-Friedrich headed up the watch division. In 1996, the brand established itself as a complete Manufacture with the opening of a movement factory in Fleurier. The L.U.C movement made its debut that year and was the impetus for other movements to come. In 1999, Chopard unveiled the L.U.C Sport 2000 collection, and a year later presented the L.U.C Quattro watch¡ªequipped with a new caliber with four barrels and nine days of power reserve¡ªin 2000. Chopard presented the L.U.C Tonneau in 2001. Chopard is also a major supporter of charitable causes and is a devoted patron of the arts. In 2001, Chopard began supporting the Elton John AIDS Foundation, creating limited-edition Elton John timepieces whose sales would benefit the foundation. Chopard is also intimately involved with such high-profile events as the Cannes International Film Festival. Chopard¡¯s collections of ladies¡¯ jewelry and watches are amazing and inviting. From Happy Diamonds to Happy Sport with free-flowing diamonds, from the 1950s-inspired chic La Strada to the innovative Pushkin and Ice Cube collections, rich colors, seductive shapes and innovation are prominent driving forces. With creativity at an all-time high, Chopard has grown at a faster rate than the market as a whole while preserving its independence. Caroline¡¯s exquisite designs continually impress and excite the senses. All of Chopard¡¯s magnificent jewelry is created with the utmost attention to details. Each stone is handpicked and every design is completed by painstaking hand-craftsmanship. From gem selection to setting and polishing, master jewelers work long hours to ensure smooth, sensual finished pieces. For the past decade, Chopard jewels have glistened on the necks and wrists of celebrities from all corners of the earth. Partnering with the Cannes International Film Festival, Chopard is jeweller to the stars for 12 days each year at this exciting gala of heady days and wild nights. In addition to adorning the stars as they parade down the red carpet, Chopard produces all of the Palme d¡¯Or trophies in its own workshops.

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If you had to choose just ONE?
This is an old idea, and we've been going through it beforebut if you had to choose just ONE Rolex watch for the rest of your lifewhat would it be? Remember, just ONEand no exceptions John! For me it's easy...and now that I sold my 16613 I'm (at least temporarily) a one Rolex man.Why? The Pepsi GMT 16710 with the 3185 movement has everythingthe classic Rolex look, ability to track 3 timezones, much more advanced movement than the basic 3135, youthful image and the possibility to have 3 watches in one. And unlike the new ceramic GMT (which is nice too) this still has the original GMT spirit.
Stealth December incomings?
Okay, what's up? I've seen some member sneaking their new arrivals into the Daily Wrist Check threads with no other mention. You know who you are - and so do I - so how about posting them here since you don't want to do your own Incoming! threads? I'll start if off with a vintage Longines 22AS from the 50's.Alright, let's see'em! What did you get?...
Speedmaster and June 20 Soyuz landing
Thought you'd enjoy this one. Welcome to gravity!
Was inspired to wear her today........
........from a post I read in the vintage forum. Haven't worn her in a while but I really enjoy her when I do!Sent from my mobile device. Please excuse spelling, punctuation, and brevity.
Speedmaster Pro Wrist Shots
I wear a 1986 Rolex GMT Master II, and I like it very much.However, the more I see of the NASA Speedmaster Pro, and the more I consider all of its aspects and qualities (price not the least), the more it seems the perfect watch.While visiting this subforum over the past months, I have noted that the Speedmaster Pro looks much better on wrists than it does in advertising photos.Interestingly, the Speedmaster Pro looks a little different, and takes on a slightly different character on each and every wrist upon which I have seen it.I would like to see more wrist shots of the Speemaster on this forum, and even some links to more wrist shots.I could never give up my GMT Master II; however, I could see myself saving up my money and acquiring a Speedmaster Pro sometime in the next few years.A few wrist shots of the Speedmaster could push me over the edge.Thanks to all for a great forum.

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