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CITIZEN Watches are the new generation, measuring time not in seconds, but steps forward. With their light-powered analog quartz watch technology, Citizen Watch Company harnessed the power of eco friendly illumination. Their latest campaign, Better Starts Now, succinctly elucidates the thoughtful craftsmanship beyond every watch created. The company¡¯s pursuit for crafting the best watch resulted in technological firsts, like the light-driven CITIZEN Eco-Drive watch, launched in 1995. Promoting multicultural mindsets since its inception in 1930, CITIZEN conveys a deep respect for craftsmanship that¡¯s instantly recognizable by citizens around the world, all while emphasizing an artisan¡¯s approach to watchmaking - pushing beyond what¡¯s expected, testing their own boundaries, and leveraging real world experience to create timeless timepieces for every watch enthusiast.

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Importation - does location matter to you?
Just wondering if folks are concerned about this?I mean, obvioulsy no one wants to be taken advantage of, and buying from a shop in your town can help with fears around warranty and legitimacy, but...Let's take an example where there is a Japanese market watch from, say, Seiko (Grand Seiko maybe...) and you live in the US.The watch is not offered for sale in this market.If you want the watch and have the means of purchasing it, would you?It's unlikely one will ever turn up at a local AD, so are you OK with buying internationally and having it shipped into the country? Sure, there might be duty applied before you can take it home, BUT, it's pretty unique, too, if that matters.This example is likely very real for many of us as today's globalized communications & ease of travel means many would have firends or family in locations outside the US.I understand there may/will be warranty concerns, BUT, aren't most warranties today "international"? I mean, yes you'd need to ship it back
44mm Offshore - Really Uncomfortable
Guys,I just bought an offshore and am finding it quite uncomfortable to wear. I hope it is just a matter of getting used to it.Here is what I am experiencing:- the pusher buttons are poking my hand when I type or raise my hand above my wrist- it is my first rubber strap and it seems to be created more friction against my skin.Has anyone experienced this? Do you get used to it? This watch looks great but if it remains this uncomfortable I may have to exchange it.
5227 too small for wrist?
Just posted last week about deciding between getting a Calatrava 5227 today or waiting the Nautilus 5711 out, and seems like the conclusion would be for me to get the Calatrava today and figure out if I want to buy the 5711 once it's my turn on the waiting list. So I went to an AD and tried the 5227 on again. I did have some concerns:1. Judging by my photo, the 5227 doesn't seem nice, but photos by other forum members show that it is (my photo seems to darken up the batons making it look plain black) - so may I ask those who have the 5227, do the white gold batons stand out in real life? I think it's central to the beauty of the watch especially on a black dial. 2. My wrist shot shows my wrist being squeezed by the watch. Does this mean the 5227 is too small for my wrist? Would a longer strap help it? Does Patek sell longer original straps?3. I was thinking of a deployant buckle, is this appropriate for this type of watch?I also did try a different model at the AD, a 5205. This on the
What was / is your 5711 (blue) wait time?
Guys,I'm wondering how long it took you to get your 5711 once it was ordered. I've been waiting for 6 mos and none of my usual ADs have even received one. Thanks as always!
14060 for 114060
Have been thinking about it for one year now and finally pulled the trigger on moving my 114060 for a 14060 (box + papers as well!). I am loving the 5 digit reference and look forward to continuing in this crazy world of Rolex

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