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This venerable company was established in Florence in 1860, by Giovanni Panerai and his family. Their initial specialization was to produce precision instruments for the Italian Navy. Thus, it was natural that Panerai developed an interest in watchmaking for the commandos. As early as 1930, they had an exclusive contract with the military and provided watches, torches, and aiming sites for torpedoes.

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Panerai's loyal commitment to equipping the Italian Navy marine commandoes led to many impressive creations and patents. However, it wasn't until 1993 that these creations were made available to the general public.

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Hamilton watch restoration question
I recently purchased a vintage Hamilton cushion watch made in the 1920's.Attached is a photo. As you can see, it needs some restoration.Movement is good. winds and sets smoothly. Keeps good time.I don't know where to turn for a reliable watch company to restore it.any suggestions would be appreciated.thanksMark
Help identifying This Admiral
I'd appreciate your help in helping to evaluate this watch. It was my father's, and I believe he would have got it in the early 1960's, though it's possible he got it in the late 50's. It's obviosuly an Admiral, but there are no clearing markings on the back, other than the type of wrench needed to remove the bezel.I've looked on eBay and other sites, including this one, hoping that I could date the watch based on the face markings (even numbers only - odd numbers represented by non-numeric marks).I've looked on the bezel and band, expecting to see markings indicating the gold content, to no avail. Perhaps my eyes are too weak.Any help on pinpointing age/model number and guesstimates of value would be appreciated. The watch runs, though it loses a couple of minutes every week.Thanks in advance!TerryFront.jpg FrontNoFlash.jpg WatchBack.jpg
Newbie question...
OK. Don't laugh. My two recent purchases are my first ever automatics. The instructions for both mention how to wind them manually, but doesn't mention when you should stop. I've wound mine up (maybe about 10 turns?) and now have been regularly wearing one and keep the other in a winder. Neither have "stopped" yet from losing power.My question is, can the winding mechanism be damaged if manually wound "too much"? I never felt any tension when I wound mine.. But I was being pretty conservative and didn't wind it too much. Is it supposed to tense up as it approaches the limit? I also read somewhere that some watches have a "slipper" mechanism such that it can never be overwound? Comments/suggestions? For reference, I have the SubAqua Noma III GMT (2893 mov't) and the Swiss Legend Ambassador (CL888 mov't).Thanks!
Speedmaster Legend..
I spotted this on a friend and really like it, he actually offered to sell me it or trade me. How much is it worth, with all papers boxex and why can't I find any of it online. This was last night and I was very sleepy so it's one of the following just not sure which one. :) What I do remember is that the dial was a creamy ivory color not a white dial. More like the one below with the black sub dials.Any of the two special or rare? One worth more that the other?Om1.JPGOm2.jpg
So this arrived a couple of weeks ago, just getting around to making a post now. I had purchased a 5110g in May, and although i really liked it, pics of the blue 5110p made me second guess my decision. Anyway, a few weeks and one trade later, this one arrived. its not my first patek, but its my first platinum piece. special thanks to ken for some advice and enabling!

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