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The Luxury Watch Company Patek Philippe stands for quality and reliability. As an illustration, each single automatic movement manufactured by the company is put through approximately 600 hours of quality control. The assembled luxury watches are then taken through severe testing and observation for 15 days to one month (depending on the type of movement) before they are deemed ready for the customer. Perhaps due to this concentrated attention on each watch, only 30,000 watches are produced annually, in small series ranging from a few to several hundred.

Among the company's special features:

* The company released one of the first crown wound pocket watches in 1839. (Prior to this, pocket watches were wound with a key.) This invention earned the company one of its 70 patents.
* In 1868, Patek Philippe made the first ever wrist watch.
* In 1925, the company created the first wrist watch with a perpetual calendar, though it was not produced until 1941.
* Patek Philippe is the only Geneva watch manufacturer receive the Geneva Seal, the highest official quality distinction in the watchmaking industry, for its mechanical movements (95% of the movements bearing the Geneva Seal are Patek Philippe timepieces).
* Among the 100 most expensive watches sold at auction, 80 were from Patek Philippe.

Notable Watches by Patek Phillipe

Calatrava The Patek Philippe Calatrava is easily the most popular line in the Patek Philippe collection. It is a classic round wristwatch, with hobnail bezel, Roman numerals, and a beautiful porcelain white dial. Water resistant to 80 feet, the 18-karat gold case also includes a manually wound mechanical movement. Both the men's and women's models come in handwound, mechanical, or quartz movements. The newest Lady's model incorporates four concentric rings on the bezel and the hour markers reflect this motif.

Gondolo A square model with a picture-frame bezel, this elegant watch contains a simple dial with Roman quarters. This Patek Philippe timepiece has a quartz movement and a sapphire crystal on an 18 karat yellow gold case, with a choice of leather strap or bracelet.

Patek Philippe's Ref. 5146 Many watches in the Patek Philippe Collection have unassuming "Ref." numbers to distinguish them from each other, but the starkness of the numbers should in no way mask the elegance and style of these lines. The 5146, for example, is an Annual Calendar watch that is a favorite among customers. Its 39 mm case is slightly larger than normal, offering a greater presence on the wrist of the proud owner. The dial is creamy white and the recessed subsidiary dials have circular guilloche patterns that serve to augment the depth and the sunburst dial enhances light. This watch has a brown, hand-stitched alligator strap fitted with an innovative 18K yellow or white foldover clasp.

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Finally got my LV back from service...
Sent my LV off to Rik at Time Care Inc for a full service (been 5 years), and he did an amazing job. To replace the Bezel insert though I had to send it off to Rolex RSC (chose Dallas), because LV inserts are "only" replaced by Rolex...sooooo...about 8 weeks later it has returned to me I'm so happy that its back and VERY satified with the job that Rik did. On another note, I found RSC Dallas to be a true and absolute pleasure to deal with. Im glad that all the negative issues ive read from other Rolex owners with RSC never came to light.
hand winding 353 movement
I've got an early calibre 353 which I recently had serviced and am wondering if I should be limiting my hand winding of it. I only wear it a few times a month (Fridays being vintage watch day or maybe on a Saturday night out) and generally give it 10 winds to get it going. My everyday watch is a Tissot with an ETA 2836-2, which I read somewhere can be damaged by too much hand winding, so I was worried about damaging the Omega (I've also got a Cyma Watersport with a 420 movement for which I have the same concern). Any advice is appreciated!
Unserviceable Rolex ! :)
I was browsing through the bay yesterday, and came up with this (picture not necessary!): ROLEX GMT MASTER II ICESTAINLESS STEEL WATCH THAT IS COMPLETELY COVERED IN DIAMONDS 29 CARATS PERFECTLY CALIBRATED, GUARANTEED, BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM DIAMONDSVS CLARITY. F COLOR.THIS IS A MODEL # 116710, STAINLESS STEEL WATCH WITH INSIDE BEZEL ENGRAVINGS. THE HEAD, MOVEMENT AND DIAL HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY COVERED IN DIAMONDS. THE BAND AND BEZEL ARE 18K WHITE GOLD. THIS IS WATCH LOOKS IDENTICAL TO THE ORIGINAL ROLEX ICE THE ONE THAT ROLEX MADE LESS THAN 20 OF AND IT RETAILS FOR $500,000. YOU CAN OWN THIS ONE FOR UNDER $200,000.Anyways, I was in a playing mood, so I sent them the following email:"Would Rolex service the watch, considering it is no longer "original catalog"?"And this morning is the answer: I wouldn't even ask them. Rolex charges too much and they take too long. We have a Rolex certified watch tech who services our watches:Your watch comes with the full 2 year Rolex certified watch technici
Charcoal, chocolate or black?
I need a change of pace. This vintage getting less & less wrist time since the Maurice LaCroix has the same yellow gold / brown croc strap combo. I don't have a solid gold watch with either a black, chocolate or charcoal strap. I'm thinking I want the chocolate on the vintage Jaeger LeCoultre that's being restored. I saw a Reverso GMT in yellow gold with a chocolate strap on vacation and loved it. Both the JLC and Omega use 18 mm straps so it can be interchanged. I'm still hunting for a vintage VC but that may be a while coming, and I love the idea of a black satin croc on that when I finally find one. Charcoal may go better with a SS or white gold watch though. The point is I'm up in the air so let's put it to a vote! What do you think would be the best look for this Omega?
Trusted Dealers
Hi, I'm pretty new here. Is there a list of trusted gray market dealers on the site? Thanks.

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