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Roger Dubuis is one of the youngest companies to achieve top tier status. It was formed in 1995 as a partnership between Roger Dubuis and Carlos Diaz. All pieces are limited to just 28 examples. This has directly led to it's success as collectors clamor just for the right to purchase certain models.
Product Line Overview:
The initial product line from Dubuis included the 'Sympathie' and the 'Hommage'. Since then, they have added the rectangular-shaped 'Much More', the double strapped 'Too Much', and the massive 'Golden Square'. All these models come in a variety of dial and complication variations. In 2005, the more sporty line of Dubuis was launched called the SAW Collection which contain the 'Easy Diver', 'Acqua Mare' and the 'SeaMore'.

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Magrette Regattare Kupe's Voyage Watch: Engraved Bezel, From New Zealand
Apparently New Zealand is the latest country I've learned about that has watch makers. This is a very cool thing from the land next to the land down under. The last surprise came from Iceland; and before that was probably a few years ago when I learned about the Bozeman Watch Company straight outta small town Bozeman, Montana. Magrette is based in New Zealand's largest city Auckland, which is really a wonderful place that I've had the pleasure of once visiting. If you are wondering what special character a New Zealand watch company can imbue into watch, think no further than a history of nautical adventure, and the right art and culture coming from the Maori people.This watch is dedicated to the story of Kupe's Voyage, a Maori tale about Polynesian adventure and folklore. The story describes how Islanders first came to the New Zealand land mass to settle, complete with the trial and tribulations. It is? almost like a Maori version of Columbus, but without all the controversy and killin
My first purchase of 2012
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Show me your Orange diver
Hey guys, As the topic says, show me your Orange divers. Recently a friend scored an Orange Sawtooth and got me wanting an Orange diver too.Cheers!
Something different
I was cleaning drawers in the garage this morning and found this Hanhart timer. Back in the 70s and 80s, I used to run a lot, both distance and wind sprints, and found this was a good way to measure my progress. It was, as the dial says, made in Germany. The second hand makes one circuit in 30 seconds and the minute hand one circuit every 15 minutes. And it will continue until unwound, which was longer than I could keep running! It winds from the back and still works perfectly. The back says it is shock resistant and anti-magnetic. I imagine the timers today are almost all digital...
Visit to Las Vegas AP Boutique
Stopped by yesterday just before my flight home. Unfortunately, I was the only WIS on my Guy's weekend away so I had to browse solo.I've read some differing opinions re status of this boutique but it's listed in the AP catalog as such...beautiful store.The only model I tried on was the white diver...nice, but looking a tad big for me.I was complimented on my 15300 by the sales girl and she made my visit pleasant. Interesting that I was the only customer in the store on a Sunday afternoon. Richard Mille and Heuer boutiques were also empty. Hope those shops do ok...

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