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Grand Seiko 每 The Grand Seiko was introduced in 1960. This model was conceptualized with a hefty goal in mind: create the absolute best luxury watch available. This wasn*t meant to be an overly ornate accessory. It was, and still is, meant to provide elite functionality to people who love luxury watches. It is with this product that the standard was set for Seiko watches.
Ananta 每 With its name coming from a Sanskrit word meaning ※the infinite,§ the Ananta Seiko watch is an example of what can be accomplished when all boundaries are removed from design. The final product is the brand*s tribute to infinite perfection.
Spring Drive 每 Over 25 years passed during the development of the technology that moves the Spring Drive. This piece uses a mainspring to keep time with accuracy only previously achievable with high-performance electronics. After completing over 600 prototypes, the company produced Seiko watches with Spring Drive; the most natural-looking movement in timepiece history.
Sportura 每 This is the leading collection of sports watches from the company. Watches in the line feature a durable stainless steel case, are water-resistant up to 330 feet, and utilize a sapphire crystal for accuracy. With both mens and womens Seiko watches available in this chronograph line, Sportura*s are made to fit anyone with an active lifestyle.
Premier 每 This is a collection of Seiko watches to be worn with more formal attire. The Premier line of Seiko watches was designed to mirror neo-classical architecture. Exceptional attention was paid to the details in the design of this watch. The hands were shaped after cathedrals and the case, a Palladian villa.
Velatura 每 Velatura marine watches combine the high-performance and classy design Seiko watches are known for. The two latest models in this line are for people who sail. This goes to show that Seiko dive watches have and will continue to evolve with the needs of the people who wear them.
Arctura 每 This line of Seiko watches was designed in 1997 to represent the constant presence of arcs in nature: rainbows, planets, the sun and moon. This product features the company*s signature Kinetic technology.
Specialty Seiko watches 每 In 1964, the company received the honor of providing the official timepieces for the Games of the XVIII Olympiad in Tokyo. It created more than 1,200 pieces for this event and developed new technologies to be used in time keeping devices.

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