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Zenith was founded in 1865 by Georges Favre-Jacot, who, at the young age of 22, was one of the first watchmakers to understand the importance of the principle of interchangeable parts. Its said that one night after Jacot finished a movement he considered almost perfection he went out and looked at the stars and he felt the cosmos almost speak to him, he saw the gigantic constellation turning around the Pole star similar in the complexity to the movements of the pivots and the wheels on their axes, he decided then to call his new movement and its manufacture after the word that designates the highest point in the universe, ZENITH, the star was adopted as a brand symbol as it is still today. By the time Jacot retired in 1929, Zenith had made watch history, winning grand prix medals for timekeeping precision at international expositions in Geneva, Paris, Barcelona, and Neuchatel. In 1969, the company won renown for introducing the world's first automatic chronograph movement, the El Primero. Oscillating at 36,000 alternations/hour, the El Primero was able to measure short time intervals to a tenth of a second, an unsurpassed world record. In 1995, Zenith launched a new generation of ultra-thin chronographs, the Elite, recently voted best mechanical movement by the professional press. Since its beginning, Zenith has been recognized with more than 1,565 first observatory prizes in chronometry, making it the Swiss brand most rewarded for precision.

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This watch is just amazingly accurate!
Bought this one last summer:I love it! The ceramic bessel, the PCL, the green 24h hand, not to mention the new clasp. It's just beautiful.Besides it's amazingly accurate. After having the watch for three months I got it regulated. (It was 3 s slow a day.). Know it's 2 - 3 s slow a week! That's an average of 0.36 s a day!!! It's 3 s slow a week if I let it sit in the safe the days I play tennis before work, and 2 s slow a week if I just take it of while playing. If i don't take it off while playing it will gain 2 s that day, and then be back on track.I never take it off unless playing tennis or sleeping. I love to shower with it so it gets nice and shiny Here are a couple of more pictures:
Filtering results
How do you search on eBay ? Do you just click watches and then view a million pages or do you filter by region. Living in Ireland we have and the watches for sale in Ireland are a very poor selection, so filtering is the only option. Using the filter option on .ie I only ever choose European Union because this cuts out the Asian market and helps avoid the watches from Chinese and Thailand, Taiwan and so on. On the website I just use North America as the filter, am I correct in this lack of trust from sellers from these Asian countries or am I missing out on decent purchases. I understand that scam artists come from all over the world but filtering seems to be the only way to avoid the thousands of adverts for these new just watches.
Rubber strap for ROO
Does anyone know the retail price for a rubber strap fitting the Safari in the USA?
Another incoming thread...sort of
A new baby at home coupled with a busy work schedule really cuts down on Rolex Forum time...I know I owe Thomas (TSW) and Connor (Steelerfan65) some wrist shots, which I am terrible at by the way.I picked up my first AP (Diver) back in June. I was thrilled to be in the club.I've always had a weakness for white dial chronographs and I have tried on the Safari while in Vegas a couple of times - I just loved it. I never thought I would be able to add it this soon.So a few weeks back I was able to add the Safari...Thanks again to DavidSW for another wonderful piece! The bad news...heading back to Vegas shortly...looking to shop for something 44mm or finally get to try on the white 15400...wish me luck!
Silver Dial Speedie:
Hello!I recently bought something I want to share with you.A regular speedie but with a silver dial! The dial is from a japaneese white gold LE I have been told. Anyway, I think it really looks good. Nice contrast with the silver dial and black bezel IMO. The watch looks a bit dressier, and extra special good with gator straps!It looks different in different lights, not very well captured here though.Together with its buddies:Cheersjohn

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